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Craig Norton, Facilitator

Fall/Winter 2018

4th Fridays monthly:  Sep 28, Oct 26, Nov 23, Dec 28
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

$10 at the door (cash only please)

Community Drumming with Craig Norton is exhilarating!  All levels of drummers are welcome to join this engaging group.  Craig brings his experience of facilitating drum circles with an ease and camaraderie that can't be beat (no pun intended).  Come and have fun.  Check him out on FB -- then let's rock on together.   Bring your own drum or play one that is available.


 Gloria Amendola 
Intuitive, Author & Modern day Templar in the OSMTH Order

Fall/Winter 2018 

2nd Tuesdays monthly:  Aug 14, Sep 11, Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

$25 at the door (cash only please)

At the Magdalene Circles, we share insights on esoteric lore, consciousness, scientific breakthroughs, earth energies, the Ancient Mysteries, and more. The grail traditions handed down through, especially those connected to Mary Magdalene, are also shared in circle. This esoteric knowledge allows us to put pieces together to more fully understand our hidden history.​ When that happens, we can access an initiatory pathway in the here and now, to help us adapt to the expanding consciousness of our time.  We then settle in and experience the mysteries of the divine feminine energies. Some call it the Gnostic approach of direct connection to the wellspring of our inner wisdom. We may drum, create sacred sounds, or take a shamanic journey to expand our awareness and tap into our Well of Memories. These cellular memories provide vital clues to the storehouse content of our DNA.  These circles provide exceptional teaching on many levels.

​For more information, visit:  Gloria's Website




Deborah Ravenwood
Wise Woman and Visionary Author


3rd Tuesdays monthly: Sep 18, Oct 16, Nov 20
7:15 pm - 8:45 pm

$20 at the door (cash only please)

Be transported to the realm of deepened consciousness created by the extraordinary Sacred Geometry of the 5th dimensional star beings known as the Arcturians.  Encompassing sight and sound, this journey will transform both the individual and group consciousness through a dynamic shift in frequency.  Reach beyond perceived limits by expanding your personal vibration.  Weather permitting, we will also walk our 7-circuit labyrinth and the Arcturian corridor within it. Join Deborah Ravenwood for a guided evening of celestial magic.   Register at www.deborahravenwood.com  Held at Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center, 199 West Center Street, Manchester, CT.  860-432-2081



As a Holistic Community Collaborative, many other workshops are scheduled at Ravenwood.  Spirit Matters, LLC  provides this programming.  For a listing of monthly offerings visit:  Additional Offerings held at Ravenwood








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