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Kurt and I share a strong sense of community.  In that light, we "walk our talk" by participating in many community-oriented volunteer programs in our area.

Over five years' ago, we co-founded The Alliance for Holistic Living with other like-minded practitioners and individuals.  The purpose of the AFHL is "building community through service and education".  The members of the Alliance have offered free educational programs on a monthly basis for the last five years (60+programs) covering alternative healing techniques, organic gardening and many other beneficial programs to the public.  These programs have been held at Ravenwood and other nearby holistic centers so that people could experience their local centers.  Additionally, Ravenwood has hosted quarterly community potluck events where the community at large was invited to come and share a potluck meal and make new friends while learning about holistic living.  These programs have been very well received.

Additionally, Kurt's love of gardening and teaching others the value of growing their own food led him to co-create Manchester Area Sustainable Cooperative in 2015 with a handful of other community-minded individuals.  Although MASC has since dissolved, Kurt still works hand-in-hand with the Manchester Community College at their community garden throughout the growing season helping the residents of Manchester grow their own food and take pride in what they do to be sustainable.  Kurt and a few fellow gardeners assisted in installing a solar system at the site to run the pump that provides well water for the crops grown there.

For six consecutive years, we have both participated in Rebuilding Manchester volunteering our services to help elderly and disabled residents with repairing their homes, planting gardens and cleaning their yards each spring.  This is a heart-warming time shared with the others members of the Alliance each year.


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