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Holistic Collaborative Community


Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center came into being through the passion and commitment of two kindred spirits.

THIS YEAR MARKS OUR 25TH ANNIVERSARY of offering our services to the community

Many years ago, in 1994, we came to know each other while in the pursuit of the healing arts, both of us on a quest for inner knowledge and healing, seeking the deeper meaning in our lives.   Little did we know, at the time, that  our paths would lead us to create a life together, two healers with the same vision, offering to others what we had learned through many years of healing work.

Together we created Ravenwood "a peaceful place to discover health and harmony in your life".

The energy shift of 2012 guided us to build a magnificent seven-circuit classic labyrinth on the premises.  Clients and visitors to our workshops find serenity walking within its path. Some wonderful renovations have taken place along the that enhance our meeting space capability. 

We have evolved over the years to become a HOLISTIC COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY that includes a home for Lisa Burch's psychotherapy and sound healing practice along with her Spirit Matters, LLC which offers educational programming.  George Hoffman (Silver Dragon Tai Chi & Qi Gong, LLC), Edie Jemiola, holographic sound practitioner/teacher (Peaceful Healings, LLC) are sponsored at Ravenwood by Spirit Matters.  Yoga with Maryann,  Kripalu-based yoga classes with Mary Ann Napoletano are held on premises regularly.  

We are grateful to Spirit, family, friends and clients for their support.  We look forward to the growth that lies ahead.

May what is kind and benevolent to all prevail,

Deborah & Kurt Ravenwood



Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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